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Mikrocentrum and magazine EVMI (Expertise Center for the Food Industry) of publisher Alea Publishers, join forces and together organize Food Technology on 12 and 13 April 2023. During this event, food and high-tech will come together with the aim of helping the food industry on its way to 2050, where more than 9 billion people need to be provided with food. Both on the exhibition floor and in the congress program, solutions are central to help this industry produce more efficiently, effectively, sustainably or even completely differently. Does your company offer such solutions or innovations that contribute to this? Then proflie your company on Food Technology!

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Exhibitor profile

Companies, organizations, educational and knowledge institutions that deal with the topics below can profile themselves

  • Food processing & machinery
    Including: (Packaging) machines, subcontracting machine building, sensors, robotics, vision, camera systems, photonics, drones, digitalization, automation, software, ICT, big data, AI, IoT, visualization, cleaning, climate control and smart maintenance.
  • Food innovation & sustainability
    Including: blockchain, track & trace, labeling, fraud protection, distribution, transportation, logistics, energy management, storage, refrigeration, packaging technology, vertical farming (LED lighting), food of the future, product development, ingredients, plant proteins, patents, and food printing.
  • Food Safety
    Including: hygiene, safety, certification, protective equipment, shelf life quality management and process control.

Stand options: book your place directly on the floorplan

As an exhibitor you can choose from various stand sizes, namely: 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, 4x2, 4x3, 5x3, 6x3. Free-standing construction is possible from 18m2. There is also a complete package of stand supplies and various means of communication. In addition to your stand, there are other options on the exhibition floor to profile your company, such as on one of the theme squares or the possibility to give a lecture. In addition, there are several additional options for media campaigns and the sharing of professional content via this website and the social media channels of Food Technology.

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Warning to exhibitors: rogue publishers and abuse regarding the Coronavirus situation

We regularly receive signals from our exhibitors about international “publishers” who use forms sent by them to suggest that they have something to do with a trade fair in which you participate or have participated. This also applies to parties that make use of the current situation surrounding the Corona virus. As an organization, we hear signals that the parties represent themselves as an organization of AgriFoodTech and try to mislead you in this way. This takes place both by telephone and e-mail. We advise you to verify the source at all times. If in doubt, please contact Mikrocentrum.

A selection from the “publishers”:

  • Expo-Guide
  • Fair Expo
  • Fair Guide
  • Event Fair
  • International Fairs Directory
  • Technology Email List
  • An always innovative different combination

We would like to inform you that there is no question of collaboration between Mikrocentrum and the aforementioned organizations. So be alert and don't sign anything because these documents turn out to be an unwanted multi-year contract. 
If you have any questions, please contact Mikrocentrum, +31 40 296 99 22.