Food Technology connects food, beverage and technology

What many people don't realize is that producing and processing food is a high-tech affair these days. And that is also necessary given the challenges of achieving a sustainable food system. Because our food system is under pressure. The effect of years of mass consumption on, among other things, the climate, raw materials and other natural resources is becoming increasingly visible. Producing more sustainable or even completely different food is therefore essential.

Technology plays an important role in achieving an efficient and sustainable food system.

To find the right solutions, it is important that the food, beverage and technology world meet each other annually to exchange knowledge and start collaborations. Food Technology is this meeting place and that is why Vakblad EVMI and Mikrocentrum are jointly organizing the second edition on 12 and 13 April 2023 in the Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch. Both on the exhibition floor and during the lectures and seminars you will discover the latest developments in three current main themes:

  • Food Processing & Machinery
  • Food Safety
  • Food innovation & sustainability

Meet the Food Technology keynote speakers

Lean Goedegebuure

Tony's Chocolonely

Imke de Boer

Wageningen University & Research

Danielle Mol

The GreenUp Company

Ouidiane Dhem

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Food Technology innovaties

An impression of Food Technology

Food Technology 7


Food Technology and Lab Technology fair: optimal synergy

Food Technology is organized at the same time as the Lab Technology trade fair. This combination ensures optimal synergy. This is because the increasing demand for lab-related solutions in response to current transitions requires speed, flexibility and more safety, which benefits the food industry. So you can visit both Food Technology and Lab Technology on both days and you are quickly and efficiently informed of the latest developments.

Discover Lab Technology >


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