Program lectures and seminars
Food Technology 2023 brings in two days a large number of lectures and seminars in which scientists, researchers, industry organizations and exhibitors present their latest insights and innovations within three main themes:

  • Food Processing & Machinery
  • Food Safety
  • Food Innovation & Sustainability

Food Processing & Machinery
Machinery and the processes surrounding it are playing an increasingly important role in our food production. Reliability, predictability and systems that automate production monitoring are rapidly emerging. Industry 4.0 is becoming dominant: processes are moving from automatic to autonomous, driven by self-learning systems that can guarantee quality by reacting to the slightest changes. Meet solutions in the areas of mechanical engineering, sensors, robotics, vision, photonics, drones, digitization, automation, big data, AI, visualization and related topics such as smart maintenance.

Food Safety
How do we get a grip on the chain and ensure safe food? Topics such as traceability and hygiene play a role here. But also cooling techniques or shortening the chain and thus producing closer to the consumer, for example in vertical farms. Food Technology offers information on solutions in track & trace, fraud protection, distribution, transport, logistics, energy management, storage, food lab, refrigeration, packaging and vertical farming.

Food Innovation & Sustainability
Technology is constantly showing us new works of art. In greenhouses, in the fields and in factories. But our food itself is also increasingly clever. Animal proteins are being replaced by vegetable proteins, sugars by low-calorie sweeteners and artificial flavors by natural alternatives. What innovative solutions will make (the production of) our food even tastier and healthier in the future? And what other innovations can help us meet the challenges that have come and will come our way? During Food Technology you will find solutions in the field of further technological solutions, food of the future, product development, vegetable proteins, food printing, etc.

Seminars are scheduled from:

  • NBC
  • WUR
  • HDN
  • Keep Food Simple
  • IFFI