• 11:45-12:10
  • Zaal 3

The importance of hygienic cable management in the food industry. Risks, regulations, and SMART solutions

  • Heiko Emde
  • Pflitsch on behalf of Hemmink

The attention for food safety increases every year, among food processing companies, but also among engineers and machine builders. Yet we still read in the media about recalls from manufacturers due to a Listeria or Salmonella bacteria in food. How can you, as a food processing company, prevent the formation of bacteria and contamination? And how can you, as an engineer, contribute to the development of a machine for the food industry?

During this presentation Heiko Emde, expert in the field of hygienic design and Product Manager Hygienic Cable Management Solutions, takes you through a discussion of all kinds of recognizable and less recognizable problems regarding food safety and hygiene. And more importantly how can you prevent food contamination and what are the solutions when it comes to design and material use.
A summary of the topics
• Routing and production zones (food zone, splash zone and non-food zone)
• Guidelines and standards
• Hygienic design of machines and components
• Solutions in the field of cable glands, conduit, wire trays and cable trunking