• 15:55-16:20

Building local sustainable markets for Plant Based Ingredients by means of thermal cooking

  • Huib Vermeulen
  • Codrico Rotterdam BV

Building local sustainable markets for Plant Based ingredients by means of thermal cooking”
Demand for Plant based, sustainable Food products is booming. Key success factors for success in the long run for these functional ingredients, are excellent taste, affordability and sustainability.
Technological know-how and experience, has opened ways to produce Ingredients with the right functionalities and the best sensorial experience that address current trends.
Less processed raw materials can be turned into high performing components by mechanical means, for instance air classified protein concentrates into top quality Textured Plant Proteins. By selection of local crops, a minimal environmental impact and hence sustainable footprint can be achieved.
The thermal treatment combines cooking and mixing through low water consuming and highly Energy efficient processes, which minimizes carbonfootprint and make the process Planet Proof. Food Safety is secured under closed and stable, controlled conditions.
Processing conditions can be adjusted to create Ingredients addressing today’s challenges, such as: mouthfeel & texture of Textured Plant Proteins, Crumbs with a Bite and Pregel flours with specific solubility and viscosity profiles.
Codrico’s industrial set up in the Logistical heart of Europe’s largest harbor, assures a highly cost efficient production to supply the European Food market.