Food meets high-tech during Food Technology

On 12 and 13 April Mikrocentrum organizes Food Technology 2023, in collaboration with Alea Publishers, publisher of the EVMI magazine.

Whether it concerns CO2 emissions, food safety, chain transparency, healthy food or clean label; the solutions are provided by new technology and innovations. Food and high-tech will come together during Food Technology 2023 with the aim of helping the food industry on its way to 2050.

The following themes are central:

  • Factory of the future
  • Sustainable and transparent chain
  • Food innovation
  • Safe food
  • Food Lab

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Factory of the future: key role for industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 plays a leading role in the factory of the future. Processes no longer work automatically but autonomously, driven by self-learning systems that respond to the smallest changes can guarantee quality. In addition, the Factory of the future also includes reliable machines and systems that make it possible to work better, more efficiently and more energy-efficiently.

During Food Technology you will get acquainted with solutions in the fields of machine building, supply of machine building, sensors, robotics, vision, camera systems, photonics, drones, digitization, automation, software, ICT, big data, AI, IoT, visualization, cleaning, climate control and smart maintenance.


The supply chain of the future is sustainable and transparent

How do we get a grip on the chain to combat fraud, food waste and deforestation? How do we organize logistics and transport to ensure the food supply and reduce emissions? How do we make the origin of food transparent for the consumer? We can build on digital systems, but also on cooling techniques that keep food fresh for longer during transport and storage. Or shorten the chain and grow food close to the urban consumer, in vertical farms.

During Food Technology you will be introduced to solutions in areas such as: blockchain, track & trace, fraud protection, distribution, transport, logistics, energy management, storage, cooling, packaging and vertical farming (LED lighting).

food supply chain

food innovatie

Food innovation: how do we make food even more sustainable and healthier?

Our food itself is also getting smarter. Animal proteins are replaced by vegetable proteins, sugars by low-calorie sweeteners and artificial flavors by natural alternatives. Which innovative, functional ingredients will make our food even tastier and healthier in the future? And what other innovations can transform our food and make it even more sustainable and healthier?

During Food Technology you will be introduced to solutions in areas such as: food of the future, product development, ingredients, vegetable proteins, patents, patents and food printing.

Quality and food safety first!

In the food industry, contamination is always lurking. Good precautions, hygiene and control are required to guarantee food safety.

During Food Technology you will be introduced to solutions in areas such as: Lab technology, analysis technology, hygiene, certification, protective equipment, quality management and process control.

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